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Whether you are a new home buyer needing an inspection or you’re a long time client, Drainmen Plumbing Inc is here to help. With our 12 years of experience, we feel that we are the very best team for your plumbing needs. Call us at 484-366-9362 to speak with a plumber at one of our two offices.

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The plumbers on our team of licensed by the state of Pennsylvania to perform services on residential gas lines. So when you need assistance with your gas powered water heater, we have the team and experience to rely on.

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Let us help provide and monitor a source of clean water for your home or office. Our team has knowledge and experience with all kinds of filtration systems, so we can install yours in no time. Plus, we can perform regular maintenance to ensure constant, clean water.

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Choose Drainmen Plumbing Inc when you need a reliable plumbing company for your Pottstown, PA property. We are an experienced team of plumbers and technicians. More importantly, our team is ready to go 24/7, because we know that plumbing needs never come at a convenient time.

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Do you need a reliable plumbing company in the Pottstown, PA? Then give Drainmen Plumbing Inc a call. We’re a local and well-established plumbing team in your area. Call us, 484-366-9362, for more information.

Jack Fosbenner
Upon arrival the customer stated that they had oxygen coming through their water lines in the home. After investigation determined that it could be a couple of issues. We replaced the holding tank as there is a high possibility that air is passing through a perforation in the bladder and entering the system. Had to replace the cross and pressure gauge and installed two pvc unions for faster access to repairs in the future. Set the tank pressure to 38 lbs and noticed that the pressure gauge was set lower than manufacturer levels by 5 lbs and raised it to the proper 40-50 lb operation level. No leaks after test.
Checkin Photo
Jack Fosbenner
Customer had a well pump that was failing to activate. After testing the electrical found that the pump was burning out. Pump is 26 years old. Installed a new 3 wire, 230v, 1/2hp well pump, 1” polly line and wire. Pump is hung at 184’. All ok after test.
Checkin Photo
Michael Dickey
On arrival customer had some galvanize piping going to his expansion tank that was leaking we removed the galvanize and install new copper piping with a new expansion tank on his hot water heater
Checkin Photo
Jack Fosbenner
Replaced 40 gallon electric water heater. Heard a leak beneath the home. Fixed 2’ of 3/4” pex which was leaking at the brass 90.
Checkin Photo
Mike Ammouri
Customer had a leak from the shower cartridge. Capped shower valve supply lines. Capped 1/2” pvc with 1/2” shark bite caps. All ok after test.
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