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A clogged drain is a serious issue in and of itself, but it can also be an indication of something bigger. No matter what the issue is, scheduling a proper drain cleaning is critical to maintaining your residential or commercial plumbing. If you are experiencing any issues with slow drainage, no drainage, or even backups, contact a reliable plumbing company, like Drainmen Plumbing Inc. We are the local team with years of experience in regards to drain cleaning services. Contact us today, 484-366-9362, to schedule an appointment for a clogged drain cleaning in Pottstown, PA and the surrounding areas.

Clogged Drain Cleaning Services

Drainmen Plumbing Inc is a full-service plumbing company, offering a variety of services for residential and commercial drain cleaning including:

  • Clogged Shower Drain A slow moving drain or a drain that is not draining at all needs to be addressed quickly. Things like soap scum, dirt, and hair cause shower drains to clog. For shower drain cleaning, contact Drainmen Plumbing.
  • Clogged Bathtub Drain Any drainage issues in the bathroom, including the bathtub drain, need to be dealt with as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Like a shower drain, things like dirt, soap scum, and hair clog a bathtub drain, making it difficult to operate effectively.
  • Clogged Sink Drain Residential and commercial clogged sinks need expert plumbers to efficiently and thoroughly clean the drain. Things like grease, coffee grinds, soap scum, and more can collect in the drain and plumbing. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

All drain cleaning needs will be different, but generally speaking the biggest culprit for drain cleaning service needs in residential as well as commercial properties, is grease. Many home and business owners think that pouring grease down a drain while it is in a liquid form is okay. That is actually incorrect. Grease will coat the interior of drains and pipes and eventually harden, creating clogs and blocks that need to be removed. Even worse, they can collect more and more debris that is flushed down drains.

With this in mind, Drainmen Plumbing Inc have spent years understanding the best methods for drain cleaning. For shower, bathtub, and sink drain cleaning we offer a variety of cleaning options, including drain snake cleaning and hydro jetting. Both options are great and with our competitive pricing, you can know that you are getting the best service. All plumbers with Drainmen Plumbing Inc are totally experienced with either cleaning option. That’s because we know that experience is key in ensuring customer satisfaction. While an inexperienced plumber can get a job done quickly, they can make easy mistakes that can result in the need for costly repairs later on. Rather than take a chance, work with the very best in your area. For all drain cleaning needs, for both residential and commercial, contact Drainmen Plumbing Inc.

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When you need quality clogged drain cleaning services in Pottstown, PA, contact Drainmen Plumbing Inc. We are the experienced and professional plumbing team in your area. For years, we have worked to provide quality service for both residential and commercial plumbing needs. All of our plumbers are fully licensed and experienced with all plumbing needs. It is our goal to provide the best customer service and guaranteed customer satisfaction. That is why we maintain fully-stocked trucks that are ready to go when you need us. We make sure our plumbers have every necessary resource available to get plumbing jobs done quickly and efficiently. More importantly, we want to make sure our clients are completely satisfied with our work.

Call Drainmen Plumbing Inc today at 484-366-9362 and find out why we are the most reliable plumbing team in your area. When you need immediate clogged drain cleaning in Pottstown, PA, we are the team to help. Available 24/7, our plumbers are ready to go.

Jack Fosbenner
Customer reported an issue with their toilet not flushing. Augured the toilet with commercial grade augur and the line cleared. Felt a foreign object in the line but it fell off the augur before it could be removed. Flushed lots of toilet paper and everything is flowing fast. Let the customer know that if the problem persists that we could move forward with the next step. All ok after test.
Jack Fosbenner
Customer had a clog on the combined utility sink/kitchen sink drain line. Snaked about 15’ to the main where it meets at a Y for the floor drain. All ok after test. Technicians on site: Jack and Mike McFaul
Jack Fosbenner
Customer had a gurgle in the kitchen sink. Ran the camera and pushed some toilet paper that was blocking the kitchen sink line. All ok after test.
Jack Fosbenner
Upon arrival the customer had a clog on the sewer branch line affecting the toilet. Ran the camera and found about 1’ of 1/2” pvc in the drain line. Had to cut the 3” pvc drain line to remove 1’ of 1/2” pvc. Repaired with a fernco. All ok after test.
Checkin Photo
Jack Fosbenner
Snaked and jetted the line due to mucked up toilet paper. Outside terracotta is still good but interior cast is rotting out from the bottom. All clear after jetting.
Jack Fosbenner
Customer reported a clog on the drain line. After a camera inspection found the line to be full of grease and recommended it to be jetted.
Jack Fosbenner
Jetted the kitchen sink line to the main to remove slow draining and gurgling issues from the shower on the second floor and kitchen sink. All ok after test. Performed a gas pressure test to detect a leak from the underground line from the propane tank to the grill.
Jack Fosbenner
Camera Inspection.
Jack Fosbenner
Camera Inspection.
Jack Fosbenner
Customer had a clog on the main sewer line. Clog was due to a buildup of cotton from inside of a washed floor mat. Camera inspected the line after we got it clear and all is clear from the trap to the house. All okay after test.
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Mike was great, honest arrived quickly and fix our issue right away! Wouldn’t hesitate to use again!
Mike was great! Very professional and fixed the problem in no time. I will be using them again in the future.
Called late on a Friday night with a sewer backup. Mike came out within a half an hour and took care of the issue, very quickly. We were flowing again in no time. Mike explained everything and double checked before heading out. Really appreciate the quick response and fast service!!
Drainmen Plumbing Inc. came out this morning to help us with a clog issue. We weren't sure if it was a clog or an issue with the backflow valve flapper they had installed over the summer. They were friendly, great, knowledgeable and professional. Mike explained everything and was patient with us. He eased our worry and provided us with a plan, a 90 day warranty, if the issue should happen again and gave us a couple of suggestions for my husband and I to consider implementing. The professionalism was five star. Thank you Drainmen Plumbing Inc.!
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