Gas Line Repair Service

Gas line repairs need to be dealt with immediately.

Gas Lines and Leaks

A great investment for any home is a gas-powered appliance. Whether it is a gas range, furnace, or anything else, these units are expensive but cost-effective in the long run. But unlike a traditional counterpart, a gas unit does require more attention and maintenance. This is because, throughout a house, there are several pipes in the slab, underground, and in the walls, that bring gas into the home. If something should ever happen to the gas lines, there can be serious consequences. Don’t take any risks when it comes to gas line repairs for your Pottstown, PA home. Contact Drainmen Plumbing Inc at 484-366-9362 for immediate and reliable service.

What Causes Gas Line Leaks?

The causes of a gas line leak are numerous and vary from home to home. When you have appliances like gas ranges and propane furnaces, there are a lot of pipes, valves, connections, and more than require attention. A leak can be because of things like:

  • Wear & Tear: As appliances age, the seals and valves that connect piping to units can age, corrode, and weaken. When this happens, gas can slowly leak out into the home.
  • Poor Piping: Beneath and in the slab of a home is intricate piping that brings natural gas or propane to units like furnaces. Should any damage occur to those pipes, a leak can occur causing serious problems.
  • Lack of Ventilation: Most units that require gas for power have some sort of vent or exhaust fan that releases carbon dioxide emissions. But if the vents are blocked for some reason, the gas can fill up a home.

As with any other appliance in your home, it is recommended to have inspections scheduled for any gas powered appliance at least once a year. An inspection can help prevent leaks, repair minor problems, and generally protect the longevity of your appliances. Most homeowners can agree, a gas powered furnace is an investment. Protect that investment with regular maintenance performed by a licensed technician, like someone from Drainmen Plumbing Inc. Every plumber and technician on our team is fully licensed and qualified to perform gas line repairs in Pottstown, PA as well as the surrounding areas.

Gas Line Repair Services in Your Area

If you suspect a gas leak occurring in your home contact Drainmen Plumbing Inc at 484-366-9362 immediately. We are centrally located, so we can be to your home in minutes. Once there, a technician will go through to conduct a leak test. In this process we check:

  • Valves
  • Connections
  • The condition of piping
  • Vents
  • Exhaust fans
  • Chimneys

If a leak is determined, our plumbers and technicians are licensed to perform any necessary repairs. Additionally, our trucks are fully stocked, so we have all the necessary parts, tools, and equipment to efficiently repair a gas line leak. We can quickly and efficiently repair a leak, preventing any further damage or risk to your home. Our team is available 24/7, so do not hesitate to call us day or night for any gas line repair needs in Pottstown, PA.

Rely on Drainmen Plumbing Inc for all of your gas line needs.

Choose Drainmen Plumbing Inc for Quality Repairs and Other Services

A gas leak, even a minor one, should never be taken lightly. When it comes to repair needs, for gas lines or any other plumbing, our team takes their job seriously. We have over 10 years of experience serving our community. It has been and remains our goal to ensure unbeatable customer satisfaction. That is why we work hard to provide unmatched plumbing services for competitive pricing. Because don’t believe that our clients should have to overpay for quality.

When you have any concerns about the gas line in your home, you can rely on us for any gas line repairs in Pottstown, PA. Call us at 484-366-9362 to schedule an appointment today.