Water Softeners

Water softeners are great for removing hard water, which can stain glass, stainless steel and more.

Water Softener Service

Many homeowners struggle with hard water spots and residue. While you can buy product upon product to clean it, there is actually something homeowners can invest in to reduce hard water spots. Water softeners are filtration units that help to reduce hard minerals in your water. If you are considering a water softener installation in Pottstown, PA, then call Drainmen Plumbing Inc at 484-366-9362.

Water Softener Installation and Other Services

Water softener systems are a great investment for those dealing with hard water issues. This can be for homes that are further from major cities, but it can also affect homes in big city centers. It really all depends on what you are dealing with and what you want to change.

A water softener helps to remove minerals from water that make it “hard.” You can tell if your water is “hard” if there are water spots on your silverware, glass shower doors, and more. When the water has been filtered this way, there is less chance of sediment build up in your pipes, which can cause clogs and backup.

There are two common types of water softeners on the market:

  • Salt water softeners: This system uses sodium to “purify” the water, removing those hard minerals. The major downside to this option is that it does add a lot of sodium to your water.
  • Salt-free water softeners: If the excess sodium is a concern, then there is the salt-free option. Salt-free softeners work similarly to remove hard minerals and prevent scale buildup plus there is no added sodium to your water.

Whatever your decision is, rely on the experienced team with Drainmen Plumbing Inc. We are ready to help you with your water softener installation for your Pottstown, PA property.

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