Is a Well-Pump Worth It?

A water pump can guarantee clean drinking water for your home, when installed correctly.

A Reliable Water Source on Your Property

Today there is a lot of speculation regarding water from municipal lines. Is it clean? Is it safe? Generally speaking, yes, any water from a city or municipal county filtration system, is safe to consume though there are a few exceptions. If you are a homeowner wanting a reliable source of water at your home, then maybe a well pump installation is the way to go. When you are ready for one, contact Drainmen Plumbing Inc for a water well pump installation in Pottstown, PA. Call us today at 484 366 9362 to schedule an appointment.

Is it Worth It?

A water well pump is exactly what it sounds like. This is a pump that extracts water from a well. Typically the two are installed around the same time by a plumbing company. There are several types of well pumps including:

  • Hand pumps
  • Injector pumps
  • Solar pumps
  • And more

If you are considering a well-pump you are probably wondering if it is even worth it. Long answer short, yes, a well-pump is worth it. Depending on your location and needs, a well-pump can be more beneficial and efficient than relying on water from the city.

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Benefits of a Well-Pump

When considering a water well pump, there are several things to think about. What most people want to know are, what are the benefits?

  • Low Cost: Well water is for all intents and purposes free water. Once the water well is built and the necessary parts are installed, homeowners will no longer have to pay for water bills. Though water fees and bills are relatively cheap in most places, those costs can add up quickly. Water wells and pumps can eliminate that.
  • Reliability: Everyone takes clean drinking water for granted. More so, we take for granted where our water comes from. With a water well, you can always be sure of where your water comes from – from the water source right below your home! There is peace of mind knowing that you never have to worry about main line issues, boil advisories, and other emergencies.
  • Clean and Safe: Now, the water from the city is still very clean and healthy to consume. But, the filtration done by municipal water utilities remove a lot, if not all, of the naturally derived minerals in drinking water. Water from a well is naturally filtered, so those minerals are not removed. Plus, well water can make your hair, skin, and clothes softer.
  • Longevity: There are several factors that play into the length of use. If your well pump is installed above ground you can expect a lifespan of up to 20 years. But well pumps that are installed below ground have a lifespan of around 8-10 years. You also have to consider things like the size of the pump, quality of installation, as well as the type of pump. All of these things can either work to extend the lifespan or cause your unit to fail within a few years.

So is a well-pump worth it? Ultimately it comes down to what you are interested in. Water well pumps allow homeowners to have guaranteed access to safe, clean, and consistent water. These are great investments for people that are further from larger city areas. Your property may have better access to the water just below your home than to the water lines provided by municipal counties. If so, then contact us today at 484 366 9362 to discuss a water well pump installation for your Pottstown, PA property.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many years do well pumps last?
    • It does depend on the type of pump and the installation, but most pumps will last between 8 and 10 years, sometimes up to 15.
  • How to tell if your well pump is bad?
    • Look for fluctuations in water pressure, high electric bills, scalding water during showers, and spitting faucets.
  • How much does a well pump cost?
    • It costs about $1,000 to replace and install a pump as well as the related parts.
  • Can a well run dry?
    • If there is a drought, yes, a water well can run dry. There are several, easy repairs that can be done to add more water to a well, many of which don’t involve excavation.
  • How do you clean a well pump?
    • There are several things that can be done to clean a well pump. The best bet is to let a professional plumber, like someone from Drainmen Plumbing Inc, to professionally clean the pump and filters.
With a proper well pump installation, you can be sure the water you are consuming is clean and safe.

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